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    If you are aware of a Passion Planner, you can directly jump to the next section. If you are not, well let me tell you. Passion Planner is a type of calendar that would keep details about your passion, keep track of your progress and suggest you the best ways to pursue your passion. There are several advantages of keeping a Passion Planner (some of them are Online). In this article, I’m going to jot down the best advantages of a Passion Planner.

    1. Progress Report: Your Passion Planner is basically your progress report. You can check your improvement using it. You can also track if your progress is delayed and act accordingly. In a word this progress report won’t give you marks but remarks for your improvement.

    2. Self-Assessment: As I mentioned earlier the passion planner keeps your progress, so you can easily make a Self-assessment of your work. Just check the weeks you have extremely productive and weeks you have been less productive and then make a plan accordingly.

    3. Enhance your skills: If you are using MeVero to follow your passion, we will suggest you to take certain courses related to your passion which would make you even better. No worries, we won’t suggest you any courses that are not necessary for your passion.

    4. Goal Setting: You can set your goals using the passion planner. Like you want to focus on one skill in week one and another skill in week two. In MeVero you can set your Goals with VEDA (your passion finder buddy). She will even help you to achieve your goals within the perfect time.

    5. Organized Actions: Needless to say that your passion planner will keep you organized. You can make plans to practice on certain things for more days and others for fewer days. This way you will save a lot of time and can follow your passion even more effectively.

    6. Manages your Budget: In these recent years, it is important to have certain online software to enhance your creative works. In MeVero we have created separate Tools for separate passion areas. You don’t have to buy anything unnecessary, you can just get the tool/s you require. You might even need certain devices to follow your passion. Like if Photography is your passion, you would require a good DSLR camera and a lens. If you are a Ballerina dancer, you would need ballerina shoes. You can fix a monthly budget to get these.

    7. Daily Inspiration: If you are MeVero user, you would get daily inspiration from MeVero Musings to follow your passion. This would make you even more confident and help you to overcome your barriers.

    8. Communication with others: It’s exclusive for MeVero users. You can actually chat with people having same passion as yours in your Fireside. You can join a fireside related to your passion or you can create your own and add people.

    9. Upload your work: Again, it’s a MeVero exclusive. You can upload your creative works in MeVero by creating an “Activity”. The best part is you can add collaborators to your activity as well. You can ask their opinions on your creative work.

    10. A friend in Need: Sometimes you will feel extremely low to follow your passion. We have thought about that part too. In MeVero you will find Life Navigators to help you to fight with your problems. You can select any 3 types of session Audio, Video or Text messages.

    11. Earn by following your Passion. Yes! You heard it right. You can sell your works in the Digital Marketplace of MeVero. You can even buy others creative works and best thing is you can do all this sitting at your home.

    I think by now, you have understood all the advantages of keeping a Passion Planner. Sit back and Relax!! Fulfilling your passion is our only Moto. Join MeVero today to pursue your passion in the most effective way. Don’t worry if you cannot go out and follow your passion, We have brought the entire World of Passion to your home.
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