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    In the Madden 21 game, in order to deal with a certain strong player or a certain offensive strategy used by the opposing team, you need to respond accordingly to the situation on the spot. This involves the deployment of the defense line. It is a basic skill to be able to transfer the defense line for different situations before the game starts. Here is a brief introduction of how to shift defensive line pre-snap on PS4, Xbox One.Before that, I would like to thank u4gm for providing detailed information for this article. As a Madden Coins selling website, u4gm always adheres to the safest and cheapest features to provide the best service to the majority of gamers. u4gm is definitely a reliable and trustworthy seller of Madden Coins

    When you are on the defensive side in the game, the deployment of the defensive line is an essential part, because only in this way can you achieve the maximum effect of your defense. The following are related operations for pre-switching defense lines:
    Press the Right Stick on the PS4 or Xbox platform controller to display the defensive pre-play option, and the on-screen menu will pop up in the lower right or lower left corner of the screen.
    Press the left button on the directional keyboard to select the defense line option.
    You will see the following controls on the screen. These controls are designed to move the left stick on the PS4 controller in different directions.
    Right: Move the defense line to the right
    Left: Move the defense line to the left
    Top: Extend the defensive line
    Down: Pinch or move defensive line in closer together.
    A small video below shows you D-Line and how they move in the field or how to adapt to different shift options.
    It is recommended that the majority of gamers first practice this function for many times in the practice mode of the game, and after they are familiar with the defense controls in the game, they can quickly perform d-line transfer during the game.

    Other defense adjustment tips ahead of snap
    In the game, you will encounter various problems, and the deployment of the defense line above is obviously somewhat idealized. For example, you may encounter a short code situation where the offense is trying to drop the code for their first. It might make sense to clamp the defensive lines tightly together to prevent a QB sneak attack or a defender from passing through the central area to knock it down. Otherwise, you may find that your opponent is used to running the ball to the side of the field. You can change the defensive line to move the defender toward that side and allow the player to control the ball faster. There are many reasons to change the defensive line to make adjustments as the game progresses. It's also worth noting that you can use the "circular" button PS4 or B on the Xbox One controller to cycle the defending players. Once the circles around the defensive player you want to adjust are highlighted, you can use the left stick on the controller to move them on the court. This allows you to best position certain players.

    The above is a detailed introduction to how to shift defensive line pre-snap on PS4, Xbox One. If there are any errors or inaccuracies in the above content, you are welcome to add corrections.
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