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    The NFL game has entered its seventeenth week, and the bells of the playoffs have sounded. I believe that the ranking of the team's strength in the hearts of gamers has changed greatly compared with the beginning of the season. Let's make a ranking of the teams based on the current game results, so that game players who want to form themed teams have a brief reference. Let them spend less coins madden 21( https://www.u4gm.com/madden-nfl-21-coins ) to form a strong team. Let us understand the current results of each team together.
    32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-14) – How bad do the Colts feel about that week 1 loss? Not only embarrassing, but could cost them the playoffs.

    31. Detroit Lions (5-10) – Look for the Lions in the dictionary for “when a team quits”

    30. Houston Texans (4-11) – I know they have injuries, I know they have an interim coach, they lost to the Bungles at home!

    29. New York Jets (2-13) – Glad to see Adam Gase is taking the blame for having the worst offense in the NFL for 2 years in a row. I mean, who else’s fault would it be?

    28. Cincinnati Bengals (4-10-1) – Like the Jets they’ve won 2 straight just to make sure 2020 goes out just as messed up as it came in.

    27. Denver Broncos (5-10) – Just not good. Anyone got anything else?

    26. New England Patriots (6-9) – Before you make excuses for the “genius” this was the team he built. It is MASSIVELY lacking in offensive talent and has for years beyond one TOM BRADY.

    25. Philadelphia Eagles (4-10-1) – I know everyone loves Jalen Hurts and he has certainly given them some juice, but... They’re still bad.

    24. New York Giants (5-10) – NFC East

    23. Dallas Cowboys (6-9) – NFC East

    22. Washington Football Team (6-9) – NFC East

    21. Carolina Panthers (5-10) – Will Christian McCaffrey ever be the same? I hope last year didn’t take all of the tread of the tires.

    20. Atlanta Falcons (4-11) – They’re now an adjective. When they missed that FG I said “That is so Falcons”… Is adjective right?

    19. Minnesota Vikings (6-8) – Guaranteed a 7th win, they’ve got Detroit.

    18. Los Angeles Chargers (6-9) – They’ve won 3 straight games, all of them by 3 points. Just imagine if they learned to win close games earlier this season.

    17. San Francisco 49ers (6-9) – Which team do we get this week?

    16. Las Vegas Raiders (7-8) – Waaaaaay over thinking things.

    15. Arizona Cardinals (8-7) – They just don’t look like a playoff team to me. Close but not there.

    14. Chicago Bears (8-7) – Looks like we are headed for Nagy/Trubisky 2.0. It’s amazing how teams discover a QB can succeed when they run the ball. Unless you have an elite QB the run has to be the foundation.

    13. Los Angeles Rams (9-6) – Jared Goff is OK. At some point they will want more.

    12. Miami Dolphins (10-5) – John Madden always said if you got two you’ve got none. Tua isn’t the guy until he’s the guy.

    11. Cleveland Browns (10-5) – Just is Cleveland losing to the Jets. I know they were down players, welcome to 2020 and the Jets overcame the ultimate handicap, Adam Gase.

    10. Indianapolis Colts (10-5) – First they lose to the Jags, the the epic collapse in Pittsburgh. Pretty clear they don’t want to go to the playoffs.

    9. Tennessee Titans (10-5) – Time to embrace there is no way this defense gets to a Super Bowl.

    8. Tompa Bay (10-5) – If they try to sling it in the playoffs without establishing the run they will be one and done. They should just waive Fournette, he makes them worse.

    7. Baltimore Ravens (10-5) – I don’t hate Lamar Jackson. I think he is a great player. I still need to see him do it in the playoffs though.

    6. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3) – Why did it take an act of Congress to throw the ball down the field?

    5. Seattle Seahawks (11-4) – The Squaks defense is ready for the post season. 5.

    4. New Orleans Saints (12-4) – 6 TD’s for Alvin Kamari and so many fantasy titles determined by one player.

    3. Buffalo Bills (12-3) – The Bills are rolling and afraid if no one. Josh Allen is legit, now let’s see him do it in the playoffs.

    2. Green Bay Packers (12-3) – A complete demolition of the Titans. Most encouraging a run defense than last year.

    1. Kansas City Chiefs (14-1) – It wasn’t pretty or impressive but it’s a long season so I’ll give them a pass.

    Judging from the above information, the Kansas City Chiefs are currently the strongest team. There are two 99 club members in this team and a 98OVR WR. Choosing to fight with this team in Madden 21 will surely get more victories.

    The second place is the Green Bay Packers. In the latest player rating update, their WR Davante Adams was promoted to a member of the 99 club. When 99OVR's WR Davante Adams cooperates with QB Aaron Rogers, he will explode with a stronger offensive force.

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