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Sobre A riddle is a single word, phrase or even a single line of text with a hidden double or disguised meaning, intended to be a mystery to be solved by the reader. This can be in the form of a puzzle or game. Riddles are used in literature as well as in popular literature and song. Riddles are found in almost all forms of art and literature from the bible to the novel, song, film and television. They are also used in certain games such as the well known riddles of Alice in Wonderland.

To solve a riddle, you first need to determine what the riddle means. It's often easy to translate the riddle into English, this is when books and websites become useful. However it is not always so simple to translate a riddle in to English. Sometimes it may be that there is no easy way to translate the riddle in to English and the only way is to guess and hope that your guess was correct.
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